Musician-Researchers of frequency & tones - Mind Health - Music Therapy

I am, not a visual that you see, I am music that you feel

vibration, frequency & tone.

I comes to you in the dark & stays with you in the light,

I am dark and I am light, a mere cell of the universe,

 here to engage your mind to tantalize your thoughts,

Here to challenge your subconscious mind thoughts,

to travel with your conscious mind to the realms of possibility.

We are all connected, you found me by no mistake, you are never alone!

I bring healing to you, that is the gift of music!

Music is energy and I am but a receiver, 

I transmit what the Universe sends me, I am abstract music an ever changing art.

All that is asked of you,

is you open your heart,


Recording in (432 Hz) Earth's Natural Frequency

Solfeggio Frequencies - Healing Tones

(417Hz) - (963 Hz) - (528 Hz)



Healing Humanity