How to change your life,

Start living the life you truly desire,

Start living the journey your here on Earth to experience,

Take control back of your subconscious mind!

If you want to find the secret to the Universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration

Nikola Tesla

If you understand the working mechanics of your mind you can change your life and how it all works you can create what you want in your life. These tools have been around for thousands of years, if you can see that you are not the mind that you are pure awareness, you are just moving through different areas of the mind.

If you can work at how you think about things and were your awareness goes and is you can break the mould of brainwashing, you are not told these things for a reason, you are born into a society of slavery but it is an illusion it is not your true fate, it is not your true journey here on this Earth. It will be hard & it will be painful but it will be worth it.

If I can explain it not from a Martial Arts level but one most of us can all relate to,

If you have ever tried to lose weight, just the mere thought of the work and for the subconscious mind it will bring forward the fear you might try and starve the body so it will fight you, it will fight you with all it's might, will you fight back or give in?

There is so much more than goes into losing weight it's become your identity.

But if I ask you to run a marathon it will be one step at a time, this is the same road from white belt to Black Belt.

So you have to make a commitment to you, no one else, only you.



Your unconscious mind is a program it's been set to keep you alive, it runs in the back ground like Windows on your Computer is just there keeping the show on the road. Your subconscious mind is like a computer software program drawing on memory data, like a program it is susceptible to virus which can unleash havoc on the body system.

Negative propaganda compared to positive infliction. Do you think Governments Globalists, Pharmaceutical Companies don't know this? Just by keeping the volume up on constant chaos & fear it has an effect on the subconscious mind & intern the body system. Constant negative has an effect on the cell structures within our system eventually breaking down our immune system leading to illness, illness then leads to disease.

Every time you move towards the you that you wish to be or the goal you wish to achieve there is readjustment within you and with that you become stronger, your getting better at being this new foot step towards you, you can see the possibility so the process to the next step starts and so it goes....Every foot step forward is a step of change.

It's like learning anything sport, art, anything it takes practice & with practice must come mistakes or set backs how can we get better, like losing weight if you eat the cake so what? Enjoy the cake feed the craving and get back on the program with anything if you fall down....

GET BACK UP - HAVE A LAUGH & MOVE ON! IT'S ABOUT THE ''FEELING''. It's more about maintaining the good feeling rather than letting what you feel as a set back not dragging you into a negative state.

Everything about us is energy and that energy is vibrating at a certain frequency which provokes emotion,

Emotion provokes a feeling, Feeling is energy & Energy is magnetic!

So if you feel and act in a negative way that is what you attract to yourself. (I am not referring to how others may treat you, you are unable to control how others act or what they do) You can control how you act & react. My reference is to if you think negative all the time then your attracting negative. Example-: If you constantly say to your self - it's going to be a bad day - who is creating that)?

So you have to match the frequency of what you want, that is what will bring harmony, much like tuning a radio to a station/channel you have to dial it to the right frequency, so you have to understand the frequency that you want (like how you feel when you get the best present or something happens in your life that makes you happiest, there's a feeling, so you need to try & keep your self radiating to that frequency that's how you attract what you want into your life. I know you thought it was going to be really hard; didn't you?

Feel how it would feel to have what you want in your life, whatever that is, feel the feeling, feel gratitude as if you already have it!

Some days your frequency might be off, the trick is to keep that (your-new progressive version) & your (desire) (feeling of what you want) like the radio station tuned in that is how you will attract to you what you want....

Have your plan - Work at it - See what you want in your life - SEE IT, In your mind - then it will happen!

You are infinite possibility, why do you think your not taught this?

Would change everything, wouldn't it!

Try to be aware of distractions, work at concentration, be conscious of what you are thinking about.

You must believe in your plan & it will come to you, you are the creator of your life, no one else!

What you think matters, what you think you create,

like waves, what you think out gets carried with the tide, when the tide turns what you thought out comes crashing back to your shore to your door!

We are all connected!

Zeh Nasus